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F-Commerce Industry Directory Goes Live

So the f-commerce industry directory listing software and solution providers for deploying e-commerce on and with Facebook is now live.  The purpose of the industry directory is to offer brands, retailers and other businesses a central repository of suppliers in the Facebook commerce space.

If you don’t know your 8thBridge from your Ecwid, your Moontoast from your Milyoni, ShopVisible from ShopIgniter or Pavyment from VenPop, then this directory is for you.

To help research, the f-commerce industry directory is sortable, and entries are benchmarked by 14 variables, from simple storefronts that link through to traditional e-commece sites to total e-commerce solutions on Facebook that support various forms of integrated payments and even digital fulfilment.  You can view overview videos, check the company profile, see live examples, sort by desired features, and contact suppliers directly.

The f-commerce industry directory, hosted here at Social Commerce Today will be updated regularly, and we’ll be adding new sections – software and solutions for adding Facebook to e-commerce and in-store environments, and updating entries.

If you are a Facebook commerce software or solution provider, please check your entry for accuracy, and update any initial errors.  If we haven’t added you yet, please let us know using the form link on the industry directory page – and we’ll list you for free.  Thanks!

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