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EA Opens Pop-Up Fan-Store on Facebook for Battlefield 3 Launch [Screenshots]

EA has just launched a pop-up fan-store on Facebook for fans of Battlefield, the hit multiplayer first-person shooter video game and rival to Call of Duty/Modern Warfare.  To drive fan-purchases and fan-advocacy for the upcoming (Oct 25, 2011) socially-enhanced Battlefield 3 with predicted 10m+ sales, fans who pre-order the new game on Facebook get fan-freebies (physical warfare pack, play4free beret and gun). Smart.

The pop-up fan-store – powered by 8thBridge – can be accessed via a dedicated tab on the Battlefield fan page, and also from the news feed that can be shared virally by fans and friends of fans feed across news feeds (see screenshots).  Smart, again. Usefully, fans can login to the fan-store with their existing EA account if they have one.  Smart, once again. Only downside – due to Facebook restrictions -the newsfeed store is flash-based so is invisible to iOS devices.

At the recent Facebook developers f8 event, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg revealed his vision for the social network as a media hub supporting content sharing and distribution. With games, music, and movies already for sale on Facebook, that vision may fast become reality.



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