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Do You Swivel? Facebook Social Shopping + Augmented Reality [Video]

Okay, so you’re in-store and in line for the fitting rooms with an armload of try-ons.  ‘Sorry, max 4 items only’ says the sulky ‘I’m-a-model-really-and-shouldn’t-be-here’ sales assistant.

Cue Swivel from Facecake – Facebook enhanced fitting rooms with added AR (augmented reality) that allow you to try everything on, ask your Facebook friends what they think, ‘like’ what what you like, and then buy it.  Check out these two videos below, and we challenge your brain not to start thinking about the opportunities for f-commerce + augmented reality.

Of course, teen fashion is the easy win, but think office redesign, event design, interior design or virtually anything where friend-assisted shopping with a virtual try-out could be useful or fun – either in-store or from the comfort of the office/home.

Swivel is not the only marker-free AR social shopping game in town (see Zugara’s Webcam Social Shopper that just won a DemoGod award at this Spring’s 2011 Demo expo) but the formula Facebook + Shopping + AR = Social Commerce Done Right…

“Visualise + Validate” – now there’s a social commerce value proposition worth talking about.

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