Social Commerce is Social Commerce Lite [screenshots]

Yesterday, the New York Times’ blog, Media Decoder, reported on a new effort by Disney to embrace social commerce starting with the youngest members of our society, babies., exclusively sponsored by Huggies, is a website designed to serve two purposes: showcase its new line of infant apparel and provide a place where parents of newborns can share user-generated content. In addition, there are short, educational articles interspersed throughout that contain helpful parenting tips.

“On, you can learn about the latest Disney products for your little one, discover mom-tested tips, and find inspired ideas to help you turn everyday moments into treasured memories.”

The site, which has a very “Pinterest” look and feel, is arranged around different times during the baby’s day – getting ready, dressing baby, mealtime, playtime, etc. – and offers products that reflect those events. For example, the “Dressing Baby” section offers outfits inspired by Disney movies – Cars, Monsters, Inc, and the classic Winnie the Pooh.

That takes care of the commerce side. As to social, Disneybaby includes a section called Magical Moments, where parents can upload photos and share stories related to their infants.

It’s on the social side of the equation where the site falls short. From what I can tell, there is no ability to create a profile, rate or review products, leave comments or interact with other users. All such interaction comes under the purview of the associated Disneybaby Facebook Page and Twitter account. Considering Facebook and Twitter’s API, one has to wonder why Disney didn’t give thought to pulling some of that content into the site.

About the only thing of a social nature I found on the site was the ability to “Like” via Facebook. I did see something called “Momgineer Tips,” but a cursory overview of the site failed to reveal where such tips could be submitted, unless they are also part of Magic Moments (the section offers the ability to post text only).

A related Disney news release quotes SVP of Disney Interactive Moms and Family, Brooke Chaffin, as saying, “”We continue to focus on building compelling new digital platforms to serve the needs of parents at every life stage, and are very excited to introduce a new destination that shows expectant and new parents how to add a little Disney magic to their growing family’s life.”

Due to its largely unilateral direction, in my view the site is, at best, social commerce lite, and could serve its community of users much better if a peer-to-peer layer that allowed for more interaction was added.

Pinterest-style look and feel product page

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