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Apple to Roll Out Facebook Connect

Techcrunch is reporting that Apple is to integrate Facebook Connect with iTunes (article archived below).  Facebook Connect is the portable social graph tool from Facebook that enables easy login, ‘friendsourcing’ of advice and ‘friendcasting’ purchases and recommendations to and from social networks.

From initially giving it the cold shoulder, Apple has warmed significantly to social media marketing, particularly f-commerce (Facebook e-commerce) – and Apple and Facebook are now something of a hot ‘item’ and active bedfellows; Apple is selling music on Facebook through the Facebook giftstore (via Lala) and selling software through the new Apple App store on Facebook.  With Facebook Connect deployed, who knows where the relationship will lead?

So Apple is getting into bed with Facebook, has your brand joined the party?

iTunes To Integrate Facebook Connect

by Jason Kincaid on Apr 5, 2010

Archived from

We’re hearing that iTunes will be implementing Facebook Connect support in the near future, allowing users to share some of their recent purchases with their friends on Facebook. We’re still gathering more details, but it sounds like this could happen quite soon.

It certainly adds up. Over the last few weeks, iTunes has been building out its Facebook Page at, which now includes polls, featured items, and is being promoted in iTunes itself.  And Lala, which was acquired by Apple in December, has extensive experience working with Facebook Connect (they also power Facebook’s song gifting feature).

To be clear, you can already share songs on iTunes using both Facebook and Twitter (the feature was introduced last September). It sounds like this integration would make this easier, and there’s obviously the possibly for Apple to leverage Facebook’s social graph in much more interesting ways in the future.

Apple has previously worked to add Facebook support to other apps — iPhoto includes an integrated Facebook photo uploader.

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