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Angry Birds Launches on Facebook – Comes with Social Commerce Component [screenshots]

I play Angry Birds on my mobile device. At least I did until my 11 year old grandson outscored me so badly I was shamed into quitting. Now that the game has officially launched in Facebook, I may pick it back up.

The game retains its original flavor, but some new elements have been added to give it a more social feel. There are also new power-ups and new levels. Players can compete with Facebook friends and and give them “mystery” gifts in the form of power-ups.

New power-ups include a Sling Scope for laser targeting, Super Seeds to supersize your bird, King Sling for adding power and velocity, and Birdquake for bringing defenses crashing to the ground.

There is definitely a social commerce component too. When you run out of power-ups you can purchase more using Facebook Credits. It’s not cheap (or should I say “cheep”) either. The All-In=One Bundle can cost you up to $40.

Also, visit the game maker’s website at and you will find an online store where you can purchase plush toys, playing cards, backpacks and more. Rovio is determined to turn this into a money-making proposition. What will we see next? The Angry Birds movie?!

If you tire of playing Farmville, try the Facebook version of Angry Birds. I think I will, but I’m not telling my grandson!

Angry Birds on Facebook

Angry Birds Facebook Page

Angry Birds Daily Rewards

Angry Birds game

Purchase power-ups using Facebook Credits

Angry Birds Facebook store

Angry Birds online store at


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