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5 Steps to Social Commerce Heaven [Infographic]

So San Diego-based f-commerce newcomer TabJuice, offering brands and retailers free ‘design-focused’ pop-up fan-stores in Facebook has published a new social commerce infographic (embedded below) outlining 5 steps – for brands and fans – to social commerce heaven.

For Brands:

  1. Set up and announce the launch of your social commerce app
  2. Update strategically by keeping your fans in the know
  3. Interact with fans as if they’re stepping into your store
  4. Create exclusive deals to entice your fans
  5. Promote with fans by encouraging them to share purchases with friends

For Fans

  1. Like the brand on Facebook to get access to exclusive updates
  2. Read news feeds and updates to be the first-to -know
  3. Browse and like new items you find
  4. Purchase items through the fan-store
  5. Share items by showing your friends what you just bought

Of course, there’s a whole lot more to social commerce than fan-stores on Facebook – from the integration of social technology into traditional stores and web-stores to a new generation of referral programs and shopping clubs that use subscriptions, group-buy and flash-sales to keep members sharing and coming back for more.  But Tabjuice is fighting it’s fan-store corner, and the infographic offers a nice how-to-do-it summary.

But the question is will TabJuice, a joint-venture from Flank Digital and JCBI (co-founder of Tory Birch brand) and currently in public beta, be able deliver on its design-that-doesn’t-suck promise?  Will you be able build a fan-store that looks as good at the Gilt fan-store with TabJuice? And will TabJuice be able to offer a decently designed analytics dashboard as good as Payvment’s upcoming offer, and a well-designed viral pop-up store that allows fans and their friends to buy directly from the newsfeed?  If TabJuice can deliver decent design on these three features – it could become the Vacant of digital pop-up stores.


Chartered psychologist specialising in consumer behaviour, wellbeing and technology. Certified CX professional experienced in Design Thinking. A researcher, writer and speaker, Paul is head of Digital Insight at SYZYGY.

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